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STEM-CELLBANKER® DMSO Free GMP grade is a chemically defined freezing solution that does not contain DMSO as an anti-freezing agent. It was developed for customers who do not prefer to use DMSO-containing cryopreservation solution due to a variety of their intended uses. It is completely free of serum and animal derived component, and contains only USP, EP, JP graded ingredients or JP excipients.
STEM-CELLBANKER® GMP grade is manufactured in a facility compliant with JP, EU, US and PIC/S GMP guidelines and the production and the quality are controlled in compliance with JP GMP guidelines.



  • Free of serum and animal derived component.
  • Ready-to-use with simple protocol.
  • Save cost/time/steps with complete formulation, no further preparation, direct freezing at -80℃ or programmable freezing, etc.
  • Safe cryopreservation with high quality ingredients, no risk of contamination animal-derived components, batch-to-batch stability.
  • High quality product carefully monitored in compliance with GMP.

This product has been registered in MF within PMDA in 2016 and BBMF within CBER (Center for Biological Evaluation and Research)/FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) in 2019.

Store at 2 to 8 or below -20 degrees Celsius. In unopened condition and under storage temperatures (2-8°C ), the product will be stable for 3 years after the date of manufacture.



A. Freezing

For optimum results, cells for cryopreservation should be in log phase of growth. Similar or standard freezing protocols may be substituted.

  1. Examine and make sure the cell culture free of contamination, in healthy situation and proper confluency, etc.
  2. 2Perform a cell count to determine the viability of cells.
  3. Gently pellet the cells centrifugation (3-5 minutes at 1,000~2,000rpm, 4℃). Remove the supernatant using a aspirator.
  4. Gently suspend the cells with STEM-CELLBANKER® (1ml for 5x105 - 5x106 cells).
  5. Dispense the cell suspension in 1ml aliquots to cryopreservation vials that have been labeled with the cell line name, cell concentration, passage date and other essential information.
  6. Place the vials directly in a -80℃ or in a programmable freezer for storage. If necessary, transfer the frozen vials to a liquid nitrogen storage tank after the vials have been frozen for at least 24 hours.

B. Thawing

  1. Remove the frozen cell from storage and quickly thaw in a 37°C shaking water bath.
  2. Immediately dilute and gently mix each 1ml of cells with 10ml of complete cell culture medium. The use of CELLOTION® is more effective.
  3. Gently pellet the cells centrifugation (3-5 minutes at 1,000~2,000rpm, 4℃). Remove the supernatant aspirator.
  4. Gently suspend the cells with appropriate volume of complete cell culture medium. And plate in a culture flask.
  5. Continue the further culture procedures according to standard protocols.


When tested in the following cells with this product, 80-90% of viability of cells was observed.

Cell type Description
P3/x63-Ag8.U1 Murine myeloma cell
2D-8 Murine hybridoma
YAC-1 Murine lymphoblast
NBM-Lu Normal newborn murine fibroblast cell line
129SV Mouse ES cell
Feline PBMC Feline peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Canine PBMC Canine peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Jurkat Human T-cell line
SK007 Human B-cell line
K562 Human caucasian chronic myelogenous leukaemia cell
HeLa HUman uterine cervical carcinoma cell
HepG2 Human hepatocellular carcinoma cell
Caco-2 Human colonic adenocarcinoma cell
UE6E7-16 Human Mesenchymal cell
UE7T-13 Human Mesenchymal Stem cell
201B7 Human iPS cell


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Package: 20ml, 100ml / bottle

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