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Beta-glucans blocker for blocking beta glucan pathway and guarantees the Lyophilized Amebocyte Lysate reagent only reacts to endotoxin.



There are two pathway in limulus amoebocyte lysate lal reagent, factor C pathway is specific to endotoxin and factor G pathway is specific to (1,3)- β-D-Glucans. If the test sample contains β-1,3-Glucans, the limulus test (Endotoxin test ) will have interferences. β-G-Blocker blocks the reactivity of LAL to β-1,3-Glucans,conferring increased endotoxin specificity to the LAL test. If the test samples contains β-1,3-Glucan, such as cellulose, using beta-glucans blocker would be a good idea to block the β-1,3-Glucan interference to endotoxin and LAL reagent reaction.


Endotoxin level less than 0.005 EU/ml


Substitute LAL Reagent Water to reconstitute LAL reagent, blocks the beta-glucan mediates factor G pathway and insure the LAL reagent only reacts to endotoxin. For the test samples that has the (1,3)- β-D-Glucan contamination.

Order information

Catalog No. Description Note Package
BH10 50mM Tris buffer, pH7.0, 10ml/vial Used to dilute highly acidic or basic samples. 10 vials/pack
BH50 50mM Tris buffer, pH7.0, 50ml/vial  Used to dilute highly acidic or basic samples.  10 vials/pack
BY10 10mM Magnesium Buffer, 10ml/vial Used to overcome chelation effect.  10 vials/pack
BT10 β-glucans blocker, 10ml/vial Used to block β-glucan interference in Amebocyte Lysate endotoxin reactions.  10 vials/pack
PBS50 PBS buffer endotoxin-free, 50ml/vial Use to wash sample containers, or adjust pH  10 vials/pack
PBS500 PBS buffer endotoxin-free, 500ml/vial 1 vial

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