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Pyrogen-free Pipette tips are certified to contain endotoxins level less than 0.005 EU/ml. Full size of pyrogen free tips, ensure correct endotoxin testing result, avoid interference in the endotoxin assay. Bioendo endotoxin free tips are necessary consumables to ensure the correct results both qualitative and quantitative endotoxin test assay. 



We offer various low endotoxin, pyrogen-free consumables, includes Water for Bacterial Endotoxins Test, endotoxin-free test tubes, pyrogen free pipette tips, pyroegn-free microplates for your operation. High quality depyrogenated and low endotoxin level consumables to ensure the success of your endotoxin assays.

Pyrogen-free pipette tips are certified to contain <0.001 EU/ml endotoxin. The tips allow more flexibility with different pipettors. The endotoxin-free pipette tips are good at endotoxin testing procedures, such as the reconstitution of LAL reagent assay , dilution of Control Standard Endotoxin, dilution of test samples, all related operations involves in the bacterial endotoxin test. Bioendo endotoxin free pipette tips are the necessary accessories for ensure the correct procedures of endotoxin test assay.  


Top endotoxin free level. Endotoxins level is less than 0.005 EU/ml.


Bacterial endotoxin test assay is a kind of professional experiment requires all accessories have to be endotoxin free level, such as endotoxin free tubes; pyrogen-free pipette tips; pyrogen-free microplates; endotoxin free sample containers; According to Pharmacopoeia, the endotoxin free consumables are needed in the procedure of endotoxin test assay, such as sample vessel, dilution and reaction tubes, pipette tips, have to choose endotoxin free consumables. the utensils needed for the experiment need to be processed to remove possible exogenous endotoxins. If the endotoxin is not removed, it will interfere with the experiment, the results will not able to be guaranteed.  

Selection of 4 tips or 5 tips per bag and 96 tips per box. For sample preparation, lysate reagent pipette transfer and dilution of Control Standard Endotoxin.

Order information

Catalog No. Description Package
PT2005 Pyrogen-free Pipette Tips 250μl  5 Tips/Pack
PT10004 Pyrogen-free Pipette Tips 1000μl  4 Tips/Pack
PT25096 Pyrogen-free Pipette Tips 250μl  96 Tips/Box
PT100096 Pyrogen-free Pipette Tips 1000μl  96 Tips/Box

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