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CELLOTION® is a chemically defined cell washing solution helps to increase the yield of cell recovery. The unique formulation free of serum, protein and sugars, enables for cells, tissues and organs washing.


Why choose CELLOTION® Cell wash and recovery solution?

A row of cell washes for each cell isolation or post-thawing manipulation may cause plenty of cell loss, particularly if the process conducted only with serum and protein-free medium. Imagine that as much as 40% of your valuable cells may go down into the drain unawarely every time after cell wash, CELLOTION® ensures you with better yields of cells.

Figure 1. Comparative Analysis of CELLOTION Cell Wash and Recovery Solution vs. General-use Cell Wash Technologies

Figure 2. Comparative Analysis (multiple washing procedures) of CELLOTION Cell Wash and Recovery Solution vs. General-use Cell Wash Technologies

  • Significantly increased cell yield after washing procedures while maintaining cell viability.
  • Chemically defined solution with serum and animal derived component-free formulation.
  • Simply protocol.

Store at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius. In unopened condition and under storage temperatures, the product will be stable for 3 years after the date of manufacture.


Protocol: Use CELLOTION® as a substitution for general-use cell wash solution such as PBS buffer, saline or culture medium with standards cell wash procedures.
Example of use: Monocytes isolation with CELLOTION® Cell Wash and Recovery Solution.
Gently dilute the peripheral blood or umbilical cord blood (UCB) with CELLOTION® Cell Wash and Recovery Solution 1:1. Gently add Ficoll-hypaque solution to the mixture 1:2. Do not mix and the blood should remain on top.) Centrifuge the tube for 30minutes at 1,800rpm, at room temperature. Collect the buffy coat (white blood cells ring) carefully with a sterile pipette tip without touching the Ficoll-hypaque solution. Gently dilute the cells with CELLOTION®, then wash for 2 - 3 times in CELLOTION®. Count the number of cells.


  • Stem cell isolation from a variety of sources
  • Leukocyte isolation from peripheral blood
  • Post-thawing cell wash
  • General cell wash

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