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A variety of specifications of glass tubes to meet the operation of kinetic tube reader in the operation assay of endotoxin detection. Endotoxin free tubes is mainly used in the dilution procedure or the reaction process, in the endotoxin test assay called dilution tube and reaction tube.  Generally, reaction tube choose size of 10 * 75 mm or 12 * 75 mm, the size of 13 * 100 mm mainly used in the dilution procedure. Glass tubes by depyrogenation processing to meet the endotoxin free tubes standard that is the guarantee for the bacterial endotoxin test assay. 


Endotoxin-free glass test tubes contain less than 0.005EU/ml endotoxin. Catalog number T107505 and T107540  are recommended for use as reaction tubes in gel clot and end-point chromogenic assays. Catalog number T1310018 and T1310005 is recommended for dilution of endotoxin standards and test samples. T1050005C is a special designed short endotoxin reaction tube that allows the pipette tips reaches the tube bottom. T087565 is used for kinetic tube reader.


Endotoxin free tubes have to meet the standard of Endotoxin ≤ 0.005 EU/ml 


Made with borosilicate glass. Cover with aluminum caps or no lid.

Various sizes suitable for gel clot reaction, sample dilutions and control standard endotoxin dilutions.

Order information

 Catalog No.  

Size mm (outside diameter)

With Aluminum Caps

Package (tubes/pack)

T087565 Φ8×75 No 65
/ / / /
T107505C Φ10×75 Yes 5
T107540  Φ10×75 No 40
T127505C Φ12×75 Yes 5
T127525  Φ12×75 No 25
T1310005C Φ13×100 Yes 5
T1310018  Φ13×100 No 18

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