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Depyrogenated sample bottles ( endotoxin free bottle, pyrogen free bottle ) are endotoxin free level galssware contains endotoxin is less than 0.005 EU/ml. The depyrogenated sample bottles have two kinds of materials, one is depyrogenated glassware, the other is depyrogenated plasticware. 10 mL/50 mL glass depyrogenated glassware is endotoxin free vial with aluminium-plastic cap to be used in applications of samples container in the bacterial endotoxin test assay. Amoung the 10ml bottle pack is mass load 110 vials per pack or 10 vials per pack for optional. 125 mL/500 mL depyrogenated sample bottle is plasticware. Those depyrogenated sample container is used in the endotoxin free sample container. 


We offer various of low endotoxin, pyrogen free accessories products,includes Water for Bacterial Endotoxins Test, pyrogen-free test tubes, pyrogen-free pipette tips, pyrogen free microplates and sample bottles for your conveniences. Amoung the sample bottle have two types, one is depyrogenated glassware and the other is depyrogenated plasticware, both endotoxin free level.  High quality depyrogenated low endotoxin pyrogen free products insure the success of your experiments.

Depyrogenated (Endotoxin Free) Sample container(endotoxin free bottle, pyrogen free bottle, pyrogen free sample bottle)are glass bottles contain less than 0.005 EU/ml endotoxin.  These bottles could be used to store various samples for lps endotoxin test, such as protein solution, vaccines, DNA solutions, dialysate, water for injections, etc., for endotoxin testing. Come with endotoxin free seals.


Endotoxin level < 0.005 EU/ml


For preparing and storage of the test samples.

Order information

 Catalog Number   Descriptions Package
PA2 Endotoxin free sample glass ampoule, 2ml 10 Pcs/Pack
PA10 Endotoxin free sample glass vial, 10ml 10 Pcs/Pack or 110 Pcs/Pack
PA50 Endotoxin free sample glass vial, 50ml 10 Pcs/Pack
PA125 Pyrogen free sample bottle, 125ml 1 Pcs/Pack
PA500 Pyrogen free sample bottle, 500ml 1 Pcs/Pack

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